About Us

About Us & How We Compile The Lists Of The BEST Places For Latinos To Work

Since 1997, the HLPA has been providing America's Best companies & organizations with diversity based recruiting resources, as well as job and career information for individuals and job seekers. The HLPA continually publishes and updates career information and opportunities from quality socially conscious organizations who support the Hispanic / Latino Community.

Each year, to highlight and identify organizations actively supporting the Hispanic / Latino Community, the HLPA publishes a set of lists of America's Best Places For Latinos To Work. These lists include companies, government agencies, hospitals, schools, associations, and other organizations. The lists are organized by Location, Name, & Industry, and serve to educate and inform the Hispanic / Latino Community.

Lists are located at: https://www.hlpa.com/employers

Any organization that is at least 1 year old with more than 100 U.S. employees is eligible. Initial lists are published during the first week of the year and include organizations who meet eligibility requirements and pass the review process. Unlike other "BEST" of lists, these lists are updated throughout the year to ensure accurate information for the Hispanic / Latino community. Updates include additions and removals, and once listed, organizations in good standing will remain on the lists for the entire calendar year. Among the eligibility requirements, organizations must show and prove that they are making a recruitment advertising outreach to the Hispanic / Latino community with a National Hispanic / Latino Recruiting Organization.

Each year we survey our member and user database and ask, among other things, if they have been hired (and by whom), or if they have any comments or complaints about any employers they have dealt with. All complaints are forwarded to the organization (registered contact on record with us) for review and response. If the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of both us and the individual, the organization will remain listed. However, if a complaint goes unresolved or if we are made aware of an organization not acting in good faith, we reserve the right to remove an organization from the lists at anytime.

If your organization is targeting the Hispanic / Latino Community as part of a Diversity & Inclusion program and you would like to learn more about how the HLPA can help, please call us 888-550-3777 or use the Contact Us form.