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United States Postal Service
Washington DC
Federal Government
50K - 100K
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Let's Talk - How We Value Our Employees

As a global leader in mail delivery and successful corporate business practices, we maintain a talented workforce to support strategic initiatives that continues to generate revenue, reduce costs, achieve customer-focused results, and improve service. Our executive and administrative careers provide outstanding opportunities for career advancement and growth.

Vision, Purpose, and Direction
The Postal Service is vital to the nation and its economy. Our vision, purpose, and direction are evident in performance and maintenance of affordable mail service to every American. We are the second largest employer in the United States today, delivering more than 200 billion pieces of mail per year - connecting virtually every U.S. home and business. Because we are so integral to our nation and its economy, we seek the best leadership available to continue our excellence in operational performance. The Postal Service has a tradition of high performance in on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, cutting-edge automated equipment, and information technology. And we're always looking for creative ways to perform our mission in the face of a changing marketplace.

Accessible Leadership
Postal employees have open lines of communication available to leadership and management at all levels of the organization. This accessibility ensures employees are able to understand their roles and their expected level of performance.

Work Environment Based on Trust and Integrity
We have standards of ethical conduct for all postal employees. Our commitment to trust and integrity permeates our organization, from the Postmaster General to the letter carrier you trust to secure and deliver your mail. Our long history and tradition of trust and integrity with excellent customer service is tied directly to the efforts of Postal employees. We were recognized in a national study, the 2006 Privacy Trust Study of United States Government, as the most trusted federal agency by our customers. The independent study by the Ponemon Institute involved 57 federal agencies and focused on advancing responsible information and privacy management practices within business and government. It revealed agreement among respondents that in their daily lives, the Postal Service delivers a sense of security when handling and delivering their personal information and continues to earn and keep their trust and confidence.

Premium Benefits
Security in quality benefits is important in any employment. As an independent agency of the federal government, the Postal Service affords all of the retirement and health benefits affiliated with government employment, as well as other premium benefits. In addition to competitive salaries, the Postal Service offers premium benefits that include: health and life insurance, retirement/retirement health insurance availability and thrift savings plan, annual and sick leave programs, qualifying relocation benefits, qualifying tuition assistance, an employee assistance program, and an employee wellness program. A commuter program, employee fitness centers, and parking privileges are available in some locations nationwide.

Challenging Career Opportunities
We encourage our employees to become involved in every area of business operations from corporate leadership to everyday management. Cross-functional opportunities range from administrative and technical support functions to processing and delivery operations.

Development and Learning
The Postal Service offers a learning environment that reinforces success through training initiatives that allow employees to improve basic operational knowledge and gain leadership competencies. We manage performance by providing a variety of programs to develop and improve skills that enhance job performance. Our future talent is developed and managed through developmental processes and programs that support potential leaders. Executive level development is provided through a comprehensive, multi-level program designed for those executives meeting certain high-performance criteria. The program includes learning activities that simulate real work situations and provides opportunities to practice and strengthen job-related skills.

Workplace Safety
One of the greatest investments the Postal Service makes for employees is maintaining a safe working environment. We have a robust Voluntary Protection Program, Ergonomic Risk Reduction Process, joint safety initiatives with employee unions, and other safety programs developed in cooperation with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. And we have an ongoing campaign series, "Safety Depends on Me." Our law enforcement division - the Postal Inspection Service and Postal Police - ensures the mail is safe and secure and protects the safety of all employees and facilities.