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Organizations With A Commitment To Diversity & The Hispanic / Latino Community

Fredericksburg, VA
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At Pathways, we deliver exceptional value by creating healthier communities through the work of exceptional people. Our more than 8,000 employees provide the highest-quality home- and community-based social services and non-emergency transportation services in 23 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. We proudly serve more than 55,000 unique clients and nearly 17 million individuals who qualify for services under our contracts.

Pathways was founded in 1997 in response to increasing government initiatives to privatize human services. We describe ourselves as the "Human Services Company Without Walls" because we neither own nor operate any type of institution. Rather, we specialize in providing direct services and case management to children, adolescents and adults with behavioral and medical health needs, as well as those supervised by government subsidized programs, in their homes or through community-based resources. Our programs are designed to be multi-jurisdictional; capable of serving numerous clients under government funded programs.

Pathways offers a full spectrum of social service and behavioral health solutions, including Youth & Family Services, Adult Services, and Prevention Services. Within each area, clients have access to a broad range of social and behavioral services to meet their needs.

Pathways provides a focused approach to managing the medical, behavioral and social needs of potentially high-cost healthcare consumers with chronic conditions and complex social challenges. Healthcare providers today are incentivized more than ever before to deliver the highest-quality, patient-centered care that results in optimal outcomes, reduced re-admissions and lower costs. Achieving the most efficient and effective model for accountable care benefits significantly from collaborating with the right service partners.