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LACERA - Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
Pasadena, CA
Financial Services
250 - 1000
$50 - 100M
Government Agency

LACERA, the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

Our services begin the moment a new hire becomes a LACERA member and continue throughout the member's career to retirement... and beyond. As a forward-thinking association, we are constantly integrating new technologies into our business procedures and enhancing the scope and quality of services we offer our 156,000 members, including more than 54,000 benefit recipients.

We are driven by our mission to produce, protect, and provide the promised benefits.

We administer and manage the Fund for L.A. County and outside districts. LACERA is an independent governmental entity, separate and distinct from the County. And we are one of the largest county retirement systems in America. Our fiduciary responsibility is to promote, enhance, and efficiently administer a financially sound retirement and retiree healthcare benefits program.

LACERA is a stable, forward-thinking association that operates with integrity, transparency, and accuracy. Our daily operations are guided by our values of professionalism, respect, open communication, fairness, integrity, and teamwork. We serve the employees of L.A. County. Although our members serve in hundreds of different capacities, each enters County service with the promise that at the end of their careers, he or she will be able to retire with secure lifetime benefits.